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Management Courses UK

For offering ace-quality higher education courses of global repute in all most significant professional streams, the universities of UK are among the best in the whole world. The management education is not an exception to this laudable tradition. Here, on this webpage, we are presenting very creative and profitable information regarding the management courses in uk, to help and serve international students, professionals, business administrators and managers, and other MBA aspirants of the world over.

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One of the most popular study programs by international students and scholars in UK, is the PhD programs in various fields. It is because, UK contains many well-equipped and leading universities of the world, and the majority of such universities are embellished with lavish research facilities. The doctoral researches supervised by these universities of UK command global appreciation and repute. All other qualities, specialties, and convenience of superb and top-notch higher education in UK, essentially favor the courses for PhD degrees in UK universities. Thus, for obtaining a doctorate degree in any desired field or subject, the universities of UK are certainly among the best in the whole world. British Government's Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education [QAA] assesses and regularly up-grade the teaching in UK universities. Now, the Research Excellence Framework (REF) is to replace the existing Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) since 2014-15, and will assess the quality of research in the universities of UK.

Affluent and well-resourced business schools of UK regularly find high and reputed places in the selective list of the best and top 100 business schools of the world over. Again, because of being rich and varied in study curricula, the top management courses in uk are commonly considered highly elegant for extensive job opportunities and prospects in countries worldwide, getting faster and richer employment, drawing higher range of salaries and fringe benefits, quicker promotions and growth, and an illustrious and satisfying career in business management in any desired fields. The duration of the management courses in uk too is shorter, and therefore, results in saving of educational expenses. Availability of a rather extensive range of subjects for doing specialization in, is also a striking and highly impressive benefit of management education in UK. Consequently, a huge number of businesspersons, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other MBA aspirants belonging to over 200 countries of the world, go to UK every year for acquiring top-notch and globally recognized management courses in their respective cherished subjects.

List of Management Courses in UK

Because of conducting world-class, highly productive and innovative, and sumptuous courses in management under many popular categories, the business schools of UK admit students through highly rigorous and critical tests and interview. The most prominent tests or examinations for such purposes are GPA (Grade Point Average); GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test); GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), etc. Sufficient work-experience in the selected field is also desired, depending on the category of management course to be selected. Today, the most popular categories of management courses in uk are one-year full-time MBA courses; conventional MBA courses [18-24 months]; part-time MBA courses [24-30 months]; one-year executive MBA courses; part-time executive MBA courses [21-30 months]; and the distance learning MBA courses. Again, the most popular and highly prioritized list of management courses in uk, encompasses the following subjects/fields - Marketing; International Business; Accounting and Finance; Economics; Asia Business; European Business; Human Resource Management [HRM]; Information Technology; Healthcare; Retail Management; Entrepreneurship; Hospitality Management [hotels, etc.]; Real Estate; Sports Management [for different sports including football]; Event Management [for management of diverse big and glamorous events]; Aviation Management; Energy Management; Information Systems; Hospital Administration; Tourism; Banking; Fashion Technology; Consulting; Project Management [projects in all sectors]; Organizational Leadership; Public Services; and many other subjects of contemporary importance.

The following are most globally reputed, enormously popular, and most preferred business schools of UK at present:
  • London Business School (LBS)
  • Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London Business School
  • Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
  • Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
  • Edinburgh University Management School
  • London School of Economics And Political Science (LSE)
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
  • City University Cass Business School
  • Cranfield School of Management
  • Lancaster University Management School (LUMS)
  • Bradford University School of Management
  • Durham University Business School
  • Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
  • Newcastle University Business School