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High Schools UK

The high schools offer the secondary education to students, after the primary education at primary schools. As in most of the countries worldwide, the education at high schools forms a vital and very significant part in the education of a person in UK also. The high schools uk, are further broadly divided into the categories of the junior high schools and the senior high schools.

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In general, in all four coutries of UK, the normal age of students during the secondary education at high schools range from 12 or 13 to 16 or 17. After completing compulsory education at any uk high school, students go for further education in any further education and higher education college, for the purpose of acquiring some work-based learning, vocational education or training, or some professional know-how in some fields. Some of the best high schools in uk, are internationally famous and popular, especially among the countries of the European Union and other continents. Ours this webpage presents exclusive information about the high schools in UK, essentially including the best and top high schools in uk, to help the native students of the country, and a large number of international students desirous of pursuing school education in any part of UK. The schools and higher education systems in UK are administered and regulated by separate governments of its four countries, namely the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government, and the Northern Ireland Executive.

List of Top High Schools in UK

At present, the total number of junior and senior high schools in entire UK, is around 4200; which cover both the state-funded and the privately funded independent high schools. The number of such high schools is about 3200 in England, approximately 400 in Scotland, over 225 in Wales, and around 225 in the Northern Ireland. These high schools commonly offer the General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs) and/or the A-Level educational qualifications. In England and Wales, the state-funded high schools are classified broadly into the two categories of the (Selective) Grammar Schools, and the (Non-Selective) Comprehensive Schools; the majority being the comprehensive schools. These two countries collectively contain a large number of uk top high schools, to teach the native and international students. The independent high schools take students generally at the age of 13 years. While in Scotland, the two main categories of state-funded high schools are the Roman Catholic and the Non-Denominational. Based on the 2013 results of GCSEs or the A-Level examinations, the top and leading secondary schools of UK are listed in the following list of high schools in uk, to enlighten and secure international students:
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College (Cardiff)
  • Magdalen College School (Oxford)
  • North London Collegiate School (London Borough of Harrow)
  • James Allen's Girls' School (London Borough of Southwark)
  • Guildford High School for Girls (Guildford)
  • King's College School (KCS) (Wimbledon)
  • Withington Girls' School (Manchester)
  • Queen Elizabeth's School (Hertfordshire)
  • Tiffin Girls School (Kingston-upon-Thames)
  • Henrietta Barnett School (London)
  • Wilson's School (Surrey)
  • City of London School for Girls (City of London)
  • Royal Grammar School, Guildford (Guildford)
  • Oxford High School GDST (Oxford)
  • City of London School (City of London)
  • Westminster School (Westminster)
  • Brighton College (Brighton)