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Private Schools UK

A private school which is funded and managed by some private trusts or group of individuals, is prominently known as an Independent School in UK. These fee-paying schools are governed privately by the elected board of governors, and are independent of the regulations and conditions which apply to the state-funded schools of UK. Today, there are over 2500 independent schools in entire UK. The majority of the private schools of UK are members of the Independent Schools Council. This webpage offers exclusive and very constructive information regarding the private schools uk, to help parents and children belonging to UK, other countries of EU, and other parts of the world.

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These uk private schools fall under the categories of preparatory schools [or prep schools] and high schools. The British preparatory schools educate children whose age varies from 7 or 8 to 13 years, in general, and prepare them for easy entry into the secondary level schools. The independent high schools which offer secondary education and A-level education admit students generally at the age of 13 in entire UK. However, about 90% of the British children and students attend the state-funded schools, for acquiring the compulsory education at the levels of primary and secondary. Among this large number of private or independent schools in UK, the top private schools in uk, are listed in the section below, to help students and parents worldwide.

List of Top Private Schools in UK

The school education system of UK is also globally famous for being highly qualitative and of world-class, both at the primary and the high school level. These over 2500 private schools of UK, which are located in England, Wales, Scotland, and the Northern Ireland, offer compulsory education to around 615,000 children and students, who belong to UK, EU, and other countries of the world. Amid this huge number of students, about 18% are over the age of 16 years. The most of the best private schools in uk, admit students through conducting highly competitive entrance tests, because of the limited number of seats available in these schools. The following highly selective list of private schools in uk, essentially includes most of the uk top private schools, especially at the level of secondary education:
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College (Cardiff)
  • Magdalen College School (Oxford)
  • Guildford High School for Girls (Guildford)
  • King's College School (KCS) (Wimbledon)
  • Wycombe Abbey School (High Wycombe)
  • North London Collegiate School (Edgware)
  • James Allen's Girls' School (London)
  • Westminster School (Westminster)
  • City of London School (London)
  • Withington Girls' School (Manchester)
  • Brighton College (Brighton)
  • Notting Hill and Ealing High School GDST (Ealing)
  • Latymer Upper School (Hammersmith)
  • Royal Grammar School (Guildford)
  • The Perse School (Cambridge)
  • King Edward's School, Birmingham (Birmingham)
  • Hampton School (Hampton)