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The heart and soul of the privacy policy of our globally popular and commended educational website and firm, is to safeguard the privacies and dignities of our visitors of the world over. To do so, every piece or string of information connected with the questions asked or queries sent, or suggestions given by our visitors, is kept strictly confidential, and is not transmitted to any other person, institute, or organization located in India or any other country of the world. Again, these pieces of information are not ever used by our reputed and responsible organization for any types of personal, organizational, or promotional benefits. Keeping our visitors safe from any possible contentious issues, reputational losses, disputes, controversial matters, or litigations in future is also the top priority of our firm. To know more about our privacy policy and autonomous standing in respect of these matters, please read on our Disclaimer. Our visitors fall under the broad categories of school children, college and university students, research scholars, teachers and professors, educational institutes, coaching institutes, and other persons or entities associated with the sector of education and teaching.

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