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Colleges in Wales

Drawing about 18,000 international students from around 170 countries every year, for top-notch higher education at universities, Wales is also well-known for school and further education. Containing around 3 million population, Wales has well-developed systems for school education and further education. Here, we are mainly interested in offering rich and constructive information regarding the further education in the colleges of Wales.

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The Sixth Form Colleges, Further Education [FE] Colleges, and Higher Education Institutes in Wales are well-known for offering A-Level academic qualifications, work-based learning, and a variety of vocational and technical courses and qualifications, to students and adult persons of age ranging from 16 to 19, and onwards. Some FE colleges and higher education institutes also offer an array of education and work-related diplomas and degrees, to meet needs of students and adults. These wales colleges education, are primarily funded by the Welsh Government, with subsidized tuition fees to be paid by the students and adult learners. Apart from meting the further education requirements of the post-secondary students [16-19 years], these wales colleges also care to cater to the requirements of adult learners and the unemployed [over the age of 19]. The majority of these adult learners pursue part-time courses at such colleges in wales, and these people form about 60% of the total students at any further education and higher education institute. Every year about 200,000 students study in wales colleges under these all categories.

List of Top Wales Colleges

Quite like some world-famous universities of Wales, the majority of further and higher education colleges in wales offer a large number of educational, vocational, and technical courses, to meet requirements of different students and adult learners. Today, there are about 20 sixth form colleges, further education colleges, and higher education institutes in entire Wales, for such purposes. These colleges differ in size, number and type of students and adult learners, and the rage of courses and services offered by these. Many further education and entry-level higher education institutes have developed specialization in some particular vocational sectors, such as food processing and technology, training for businesses, polytechnics, computer hardware and software, marine engineering, etc. The following list of wales colleges, covers most of the top further education colleges:
  • Coleg Gwent
  • St David's Catholic College
  • Cardiff and Vale College
  • The College Merthyr Tydfil
  • Bridgend College
  • Grwp NPTC Group
  • Gower College Swansea
  • Coleg Sir Gar
  • Pembrokeshire College
  • Coleg Ceredigion
  • Coleg Cambria
  • YMCA Community College
  • WEA Cymru