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Ours this hugely informative, globally prominent, and benevolent website [] offers all-encompassing, opulent, and varied information about education and employment in United Kingdom (UK). So far, ours this affluent and fully responsible website has helped thousands of students, scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and business administrators and managers, etc., in acquiring desired higher education and rich employment in UK, who belonged to India and other countries worldwide.

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The main and ultimate aims of our organization are to offer necessary and very beneficial information about higher studies in diverse disciplines in UK to people located in countries worldwide; to guide them for obtaining scholarships and fellowships in UK; to make them well-informed about the most suitable locations for them to live and study in UK; to help building of bright and progressive careers of these people; and thus contribute to further progress and prosperity in various sectors of occupation and economy of the whole world at large.

The united kingdom of the Great Britain and the Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (UK) is one of the largest, well-developed, fast prospering, and truly glamorous economies of the world, with affluent development in its various economic sectors, essentially including the sectors of education and teaching, manufacturing, services, professions, tourism and hospitality, science and technology, human development index, and international trade. Again, containing a massive population of around 65 million at present, this one of the most glamorous and most visited countries on earth is home to many ethnicities and culture, and migrants from nations all across the globe. As far as the higher education in UK is concerned, UK is one of the best and top destinations in the whole world, and therefore, entices numerous students, professionals, and scholars every year from countries all around the world.

The broad sections or topics covered in this well-drafted educational website are - high status of higher studies in UK; Schools and Colleges in UK; Top Universities in UK; Scholarships and Fellowships in UK; Discipline-wise Top Universities in UK; Study Permit UK; the most popular Disciplines for Studies in UK; Top Locations for Living in and Studying in UK; Work Permit UK; and so on.

All most significant streams of education and profession are intelligently covered by the education and teaching sector of UK, inevitably including the streams of science and technology, arts and humanities, engineering and technology, law and criminal justice, medical sciences, information technology, business administration and management, etc. Again, today, the most prestigious scholarships and fellowships available in UK are The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, The Royal Society Fellowships, the Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, and the Churchill Scholarships. Some of the globally reputed universities of UK are --- University of Cambridge; King's College, London; Imperial College London; University of Oxford; University of Leeds; The London School of Economics and Political Science; The University of Manchester; The University of Edinburgh; University of London; etc. And, the most popular and highly preferred locations for staying and studying in UK are London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol.