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Schools in UK

The infrastructure for school education in UK is also quite well-developed, globally famous, and affluent. Here it may be just mentioned that the higher education of UK is admired by students and professionals residing in countries worldwide, and entices around 0.45 million international students from about 200 countries of the world every year. On this webpage, we are presenting information regarding the school education uk, exclusively, to help students of UK, EU, and other countries of the globe.

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As in all other countries of the world, schools in uk also fall under the broad categories of the nursery schools, primary schools, and secondary schools; and these schools can be funded by states or private organizations. In UK, the privately funded schools are termed as the independent schools, and cover these all categories of schools. Again, the schools in united kingdom, are funded, managed, and regulated independently by the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government, and the Northern Ireland Executive. In general, in these four countries of UK, the ages of children varies from 3-4/5 to 16 years, when they go from the nursery to secondary level of compulsory education at schools. Today, the number of primary and secondary schools, both state-funded and privately funded, is over 20,000 in England, about 2500 in Scotland, approximately 1800 in Wales, and over 1000 in the Northern Ireland. The number of independent schools in entire UK is over 2600, at present. Again, about 90% of British children and students attend state-funded schools at the primary and secondary levels. The state schools strictly follow the National Curriculum, the core subjects in which are sciences, mathematics, and English. The most of the best and top schools of UK, are covered in the following list of uk schools, in the lower section of this web-article.

List of Prominent Schools in UK

Because of being of global standards, the "uk school study" has been highly preferred by children and students belonging to other countries of EU, and other parts of the world. The factors in favor of acquiring school education in UK are - world-class school infrastructure, mild climate, lesser tuition fees as compared to schools in other developed countries, high standard of living, cosmopolitan environment, easily affordable cost of living, presence of internationally reputed further and higher education colleges, support of erudite and internationally reputed teaching faculties, and presence of some of the best universities in UK. The native and international students who completed their school and further education in UK with flying colors, are naturally given some preference in admissions to the UK universities. The following list of schools in uk, covers most of the top and highly reputed schools of UK:
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff [Independent]
  • St Paul's School, London [Independent]
  • Westminster School, London [Independent]
  • Colyton Grammar School, Colyton
  • King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham
  • The Blue Coat School, Liverpool
  • Badminton School, Bristol [Independent]
  • St Michael's Catholic Grammar School, London
  • City of London School for Girls, London [Independent]
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford [Independent]
  • St Ninian's High School, East Renfrewshire
  • The Latymer School, London
  • Palmers Green High School, London [Independent]
  • King's High School, Warwick [Independent]
  • Headington School, Oxford [Independent]
  • Tonbridge School, Kent [Independent]
  • Harrow School, London [Independent]
  • Nottingham High School, Nottingham [Independent]
  • Highgate School, London [Independent]
  • Lumen Christi College, Derry
  • Williamwood High School, East Renfrewshire