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UK Colleges

UK colleges are prestigious institutes offering world-class education to scholars. Top colleges in UK have their own library and sports facilities, and some have their own bar and theatre.Most UK Colleges have their own clubs and societies, offering a variety of non-academic activities for students to take part in.

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Courses Offered in Colleges of UK

Courses offered in UK colleges are ACCA Accounting, BSc (Hons) Degree in IT, Information Technology, Graphic Design, Web Programming, E-Commerce, Network Management, Web Engineering, Software Engineering, Redhat Academy, Computer Applications E-Financial Applications, Internet Security ,Network Engineering and the list goes on. There are many other specialized courses offered in UK colleges.

Types of UK colleges Various types of UK colleges are as follows:
  • Online Colleges: Where you receive your degree by completing the online classes.
  • Universities: These are the colleges that have the sports, dorm rooms, competitive teams to be able to join and every thing a college student needs.
  • Liberal Arts Colleges: These are the colleges where classes are smaller and more likely for personal attention. Types of degrees offered at these colleges are humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
  • Special Interests Colleges: These include religiously Affiliated Colleges, Historically Black Colleges, and Hispanic-Serving Colleges.
  • Public or Private colleges: Public college gets a lot of funding from the state whereas private gets its funding from tuition and fees.
  • Community or Junior Colleges - These colleges offer an Associate degree or certificates and get you ready to enter into the field of your study.
  • Upper-Division Schools: Students transfer in to these colleges after completion of an Associates Degree at a Community or Junior College or the second year at a University.
  • Agricultural, Technical, and Specialized Colleges: These colleges offer specialized education.