Fashion Schools in UK

Fashion schools in UK have experienced the most exciting developments in fashion designing. London is the first choice for fashion students yet fashion students should also find plenty of inspiration from other parts of UK.

Prominent Fashion Schools of UK

American Intercontinental University, Westwood College and Ashford University are some of the top fashion schools of UK. American Inter Continental University has been preparing students for the rigors of the real world with practical, career-focused learning for over 35 years.

AIU London goes even further by giving students an international education that can set them up for success anywhere in the world, whether in their home town or farther away. Westwood College provides accelerated programs to help you obtain a Bachelors degree in less than three years.

With online classes, your schedule is completely flexible, and Westwood puts a degree within your reach sooner. One of the best things about Ashford University's Organizational Management program is the ability to customize your degree to fit your professional and educational goals.

List of fashion schools in UK

Here we present the list of all the fashion schools in UK that also includes top fashion schools in UK. The list of fashion schools in UK is organized by country:
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